The Segway Go Kart Craze

The summer of 2018 will be the summer of Segway Go karts.

These outdoor toys are a very affordable way of getting your kids to play outside. the coolest hoverboard accessory of 2018. The innovative and super fun Segway Hoverboard Go Kart! The Segway Go Kart Attachment makes for Great family fun. It is a lot safer to ride than when standing on a Segway hoverboard.

I have tried it and it is safe yet feels thrilling. Just strap it onto your existing hoverboard. If you don’t have one already simply go to either Hoverboard-UK,  or the Official Swegway. You’ll be pleased with their range of hoverboards and hoverkarts. Have the best summer of 2018 possible. Enjoy the summer with your children and play with a great outdoors toy.

Is it a Segway Go kart or a hoverboard gokart. Whatever you call it, it is a load of fun and irresistible to young and old. Make sure that you wear a helmet if when racing to ensure that all safety measures have been taken. Without further ado I wish you a lot of fun on your first Go kart cruise around your garden.