Get the best Segway Hoverboard in the UK 2018

Where to buy the best Segway Hoverboard

I have little experience with a segway hoverboard, but I have seen enough video to know this applies to them. Any difference will be a matter of degree. Hoverboard climb hills just fine. Even steep ones, up to about a 30 % grade. That’s quite steep. Steeper than any street you are likely to find.

What happens is that the contact of the tires on the ground moves a bit uphill. Lean forward when you are going uphill, and lean back if going downhill. So your weight must shift accordingly. It can be really disconcerting when going downhill. Just take it slowly.

But be aware that you need traction. If the hill is slippery, full of leaves beware or get off. If you might not be able to stand without slipping, you probably shouldn’t try a Segway there either. It might handle it but your margin of safety will be on thin ground.

The battery of the Segway hoverboard recharges while I’m riding downhill

Yes, the Hoverboard has “Regenerative Braking”, so when you are going down a hill, or even just decelerating on the flat, charge gets passed back to the batteries.

Other accessories to enhance the experience of the hoverboard include a brake light kit to to notify other drivers that they are going to stopp or turn. A hill kit which allows the Segway hoverboard to more consistently climb hills without any problems and a speed charger so that whenever the hoverboard needs to be charged the owner can save several precious hours of their time due to the fact that the speed charger nearly halves the charging time from 12 hours to roughly 6 hours.  It handled going up and down hills with ease — I never felt like I was going to pitch forward or backward off the rider. It can take you across any terrain and at a speed of 12.1 mph we blazed by the regular hoverboards with ease.

If you are tired of a hoverboard you can switch to hoverkarts


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