Hoverboards and the Outdoors

Updated 2018
Recently there have been two crazes which got teenagers to leave the computer.
Pokemon and Hoverboards. It is not clear if a concerned adult decided, enough is enough. Or how do I get my child to go outside? But I like to imagine that this is the reason why we see more young people having fun outside again.

The digital industry has a lot to answer for because of making us more sedentary. In addition to fording us to live in digital silos, from Facebook, Instagram and Tinder to Amazon and Ebay. So hurrah for shaking us up and offering something a bit more physical. Pokemon and Hoverboards.

Note: the jogging and cycling craze is firmly the domain of the mid twenty year olds and older adult. How do you tease teenagers away from their computer games. One way is to sit a real clever electric vehicle like a cheap Segway in front of them. The other is a game which makes adults scratch their heads. Pokemon, already last years craze, but we believe a game that is in the right direction.
Everything comes in waves, at no point can we sit out the rest of our lives. Get going, get rolling, get walking, get running. Just do it.