Fidget spinners hand spinners

Fidget spinning – why you need a fidget spinner in your life.
From the beginning of time, humans have fidgeted, not in front of computers mind you, but at the sight of a sabre toothed tiger.  The smart way of dealing with it would have been to stay very caaaalm and motionless. Avoiding any type of fidgeting.

As life has become a lot less dangerous, but we are still jumping out of our seats at the prospect of not meeting a deadline. I propose a walk in the hills or glens around you. Alternatively if this is not an option, try a fidget spinner.

Are fidget spinners toys, or are they important tools to improve brain functions?

I am of the opinion that not only children, but adults too should be crazy about fidget spinners. After all there is a large body of evidence to prove that fidgeting, using any type of widget whilst working, improves not only cognitive abilities, but also memory. I dare to propose that it might even have a calming effect and hence produce nicer human beings.

Anxious people always fidget to release tension. What better way  to channel pent up anxiety, and de-pressurise than using a shiny widget that can spin.

Fidget spinners, also known as finger spinners or hand spinners, are the toy of 2017, with the sole aim of helping people stop fidgeting.

So what are fidget spinners and how do they help in your daily life?

Finger spinners are little widgets that fit neatly in your hand and can be spun back and and forth by holding it between index/middle finger and thumb. Granted, fidget spinning can become really addictive, but it is not a bother to anyone’s health. Take it to the office and maybe even a boardroom meeting. Aside from combating anxiety, finger spinners can help to improve concentrations too according to not only anecdotal evidence.

It may take a while to get the hang of finger spinning, some people are naturally calmer and manage it first time around. Others need to sit down a while and get used to it.

How to find a good fidget spinner?

An effective spinner should be able to get their fidget spinner spinning for at least 60 seconds once they know what they’re doing. Some retailers claim that their finger spinners can be used for up to 15 minutes. I mean yawn, the idea is to fidget with it.

Fidget spinners hand spinners
I have seen dozens of fidget spinners, and the best ones are the ones that feel good for you. Some like to feel a heavier finger spinner, others like it lighter,

Some prefer a longer spin cycle, others like myself interrupt the finger spinning action.
Some people like hand spinners to run smoothly, others like to feel a bit of a wobble when finger spinning.

What is all the fuss about ball bearings on a fidget spinner?

Honestly, I don’t get it. Yesterday I opened five different fidget spinners and they all had different ball bearings.  Some people claim that the ball bearing should all be free rolling. How, when you prise open the middle part of a fidget spinner, you can see the ball bearings. If they were loose, they’d all fall out whenever the middle section of the hand spinner comes off.
I even tried a finger spinner where the balls were connected with plastic.
This fidget spinner was actually my favourite.