Crypto Currencies reaches new Heights

Crypto Currency and Bitcoin for absolute beginners

Looking at a spreadsheet showing the peaks and troughs of crypto currencies is like looking at Swiss alps. The run on any crypto currency is leaving financial experts dumbfounded. Sofar they always managed to be in the front seat of any gravy train, mopping up the smallest crumb of any government backed fund. Now a new army of financial warriors is weighing in on available capital. For the first time in the history of modern finance a change of power  is taking place in 2017.

ICOs or initial coin offering, have become the goto place for entrepreneurs. The letters ICO lean on the letter IPO, initial public offerin. There’s no need for entrepreneurs to go to an investment bank any longer and repay ridiculous dues. Simply create your new techie business idea and link it to a crypto currency. It works from utility to gaming, and find people who believe in your technology.
Find out how to get into the game of crypto currencies,. The best read I have found sofar is the publication “Crypto currencies for beginners” from Brushwellman Publishing. The book is available on the UK site of Amazon.

The learning curve to trade in crypto currency is pretty steep, this makes it difficult for normal people to get involved. Once a crypto currency is purchased it is advisable to store it in a so-called cold wallet. Cold wallet as opposed to hot wallet means a storage device that is not connected to the Internet.

There are a number of solutions out there such as the Trezor USB drive, but it only works with certain crypto currencies. To create a wallet is where the challenge lies for coins. If a company does not even manage to have a proper wallet to dowload onto Windows, Mac or an Android phone should you be trusting that company with your hard earned cash? All these questions are answered in the excellent publication available on Brushwellman.