Walking Guide – Greenwich Meridian Trail Series

Greenwich Meridian Trail Guide Books

If you really fancy going out and about why not try walking through the country with a purpose. And seeing that the walking through Britain from Land’s End to John O’Groats might be a bit overambitious, not to say overdone, you could follow in the footsteps of Hilda and Graham Heap who trailed along the Prime Meridian and wrote a book about it. Well, four books to be precise. The guides use ordnance survey maps for easy route finding and are full of information about the places you might visit and stay at along the way. Good access by public transport makes it convenient to do the walks in sections.

The Greenwich Meridian Trail (GMT Walk) is a long-distance walk along the line of the Prime Meridian.

The walk starts at the splendid monument to King George V at Peacehaven in East Sussex and ends, 273 miles later, on the coast at Sand le Mere in East Yorkshire.  The walk is divided into four parts, each explained by a separate guidebook. You can find out more about Hilda and Graham and their books here: http://www.greenwichmeridiantrail.co.uk

The four bespoke book covers were designed from photos taken on the journey by www.goodcoverdesign.co.uk. Book cover design prices can also be found there.

Springtime is St George’s mushroom picking time

St Georges Mushroom

Go out mushroom picking

Now that the morels should be mostly gone and before the chantarelles are raising their pretty orange heads, it is time for the St George’s Mushroom to be found. Fruitbodies appear in April around St George’s Day on the 23rd of April, hence its name.

Calocybe gambosa is the Latin name and calocybe means pretty head, which describes this white to cream coloured mushroom perfectly. You find it on meadows and the edge of woodlands. It often grows in large fairy rings. It is of rather solid, even build and smells strongly of flower or cucumber. Gills are white and crowded and the spore print is also white.

St Georges Mushroom
Edible St Georges Mushroom – white or cream
St Georges Mushroom
Compact, solid build









There are poisonous mushrooms that look similar and grow around the same time. So always ask an expert, or leave well alone, if you are not an experienced mushroom picker. Just stick to this rule: If I can’t identify a mushroom with 100% certainty, I do not eat it!

Outdoor Great Britain

Outdoor Great Britain

Outdoor Great Britain
Great Britain has a lot of natural beauty. She suffered a lot for many centuries. Centuries ago the country was covered with forests, but sadly due to a focus on increasing monetary wealth, she lost it all.
In a strange twist in the evolution of men (and women), financial  greed places a focus on London. This  is helping nature around the country to recover. Go to places like Alston and you can literally see sheets of history exposing themselves on the banks of streams. From the times of the Romans exploiting Great Britain to the decades of cruel industrialisation. You can see trees recovering from the recent mining activities. They look as if they are breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally go back to growing to benefit us.