Halloween, Christmas and the best fire extinguisher in the world

This is the time when fire works go off outdoors and indoors.
Danger, danger to pets, kids and adults alike.
How to best protect yourself against a fire?

If you can get away from a fire and call the fire services of course.
Alternatively, grab the right kind of fire extinguisher and start fighting it.
Now which is the best fire extinguisher on the market?
We searched high and low to present you with the Tectro fire extinguisher.

Why is it so much better?

best fire extinguisher in the world
best fire extinguisher in the world

1. These fire extinguishers can be tilted, held sideways or even upside down, so that fires underneath objects such as wardrobes or car seats can be extinguished.

– other fire extinguishers have to be held upright

2. The extinguishing agent does not re-light or re-ignite, as some other extinguishing agents do.

– did you know that other fire extinguishing liquid can re-ignite?

3. All of the Tectro fire extinguishers can deal with electrical fires from a distance of 1m, in addition to other types of fire.

– most other fire extinguishers can only deal with one type of fire.

4. The extinguishing liquid in most of our extinguishers is bio degradable, the bottles can be chucked in the bin once their life cycle is up.

5. Instead of aerosol or other potentially toxic propellants, this fire extinguisher uses a non-toxic, patented pressure system to push out the extinguishing liquid.

– Manufacturers have introduced less toxic new families of chemicals containing no chlorine or bromine, called hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs). But lacking Br or Cl atoms, the HFCs cannot disrupt the combustion reaction to the same degree. HFCs extinguish fires in a manner similar to CO2 or N2–by
absorbing heat and reducing the concentration of oxygen.

6. They are made of a special plastic and are therefore light weight, even kids and the elderly can handle them. Their weight varies from 280 gram, 290gr, 540 gr, 1.4kg and 1.7kg.
– the lightest standard powder fire extinguisher weighs 2kg
7. the Tectro fire extinguishers use either a trigger, or a cap similar to those on hairsprays to make it super easy to use. in one hand.
– other extinguishers use a lever which require that both hands hold on to it.

8. All fire extinguishers can be used with one hand.

– all other extinguishers need to be held upright and are heavy and therefore require the use of both hands (booh)

9. The extinguishers cannot burst while in a hot car, caravan or when enveloped by a fire.
– other fire extinguishers are not allowed in cars as the propellant can explode.
10. They do not inflate when the pressure drops in an airplane. This is why it has come to the attention of large airlines.
11. they are foam extinguishers, not powder hence they don’t destroy your surroundings and you can see the source of the fire unlike with powder extinguishers.
– a normal powder fire extinguisher destroys a room once used, also during usage it builds thick clouds through which it is hard to see the fire.
11. They are manufactured in Germany.
– others are mostly manufactured in China, which means that it takes longer to get them to the UK or Europe.

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